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( Removal Wax Heater ) مزيل الشعر بالشمع الساخن

( Removal Wax Heater ) مزيل الشعر بالشمع الساخن

Basic Specifications : 

  • Voltage‎:‎ AC110V‎-120V‎,‎ 220V‎-240V‎,‎ 50/60Hz
  • Power‎:‎ 40W
  • Paraffin wax heater 
  • Hair‎- removing wax system 
  • For soft and easy hair removing‎.‎


Can give your skin comfort and calming feeling‎.‎ Rolls wax on skin without using brush or spatula‎.‎No filaments of residues left on the skin‎.‎ The wax is steady in any season‎.‎ Automatic heating‎,‎ small and flexible‎,‎ easy to carry‎.‎Used for hair removal nursing‎,‎ beauty care and maintenance‎.‎ Have a cover to prevent the dust‎.‎ Perfect for both professional use or personal use‎.‎